About INLOC Robotics

INLOC ROBOTICS is an innovative service SME offering solutions in the field of robotics and generally in the area of automation and control including industry 4.0 and IoT paradigms. 

We are experts in monitoring and control systems which includes sensors and actuators, both software and firmware as well as communication protocols.

We also have wide expertise in algorithm design, programming and implementation in the field of automatic control, specially on Computer Vision and Localization and autonomous navigation of mobile robots.

At the end of 2017 we launched our SEWDEF product for the detection and classification of sewer defects. See more information here



Automatic sewer network defect detection system


Customized algorithms which provide precise 3D localization os mobile devices

Industry 4.0

Monitoring and control systems for facing digitalization challenges

We believe in innovation

Since 2018, INLOC is recognized by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and University from the Spanish Government as Innovative Small Medium Enterprise

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