Connected systems for improving efficiency

Control systems

We design and implement monitoring and control systems with sensors and actuators, processors, software and firmware and communication between embedded systems and a server.

Computer vision

We develop custom computer vision applications, especially suited to detect and identify characteristics of a given process and provide information for a later decision.

Algorithm Design

General algorithmic design, programming and implementation in general field of automatic control. A particular implementation will boost your research or engineering projects.


Development of IT solutions and products such as Firmware & controller development, data processing, cloud integration or front end programming.


Essence Room Heart

Biometric Sensor integration and development allowing environment changes in sound and light adapted from the guests biometric readings.


Implementation of computer vision based algorithms to help doctors establish a proper assessment of the elder.


Development and design of the wireless monitoring system for improved transport of granular multi-materials.

3D in-pipe sediments profile

Implementation of novel sensors for sewer pipe sediments monitoring including daily data transmission to a cloud based server by means of a 3G transceiver.


Automatic defects detection system, by adapting its SEWDEF product to Danish standards, and regarding the localization and autonomous navigation of the robot.